Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Digital Design & Art Direction

Omniwomen UK | Speed Mentoring

Through Proximity, I volunteered to be on the committee for Omniwomen— an Omnicom network-wide organisation that promotes gender equality in the workplace. Through this committee, our team planned a "speed networking" event, where women in the network could have one-on-one mentoring sessions with top-level clients and industry leaders. Drawing inspiration from the existing Omniwomen logo, I lead the design and developed an identity for this event.

Role: concept development, design

Agency: Proximity London

Lockup for the event name. The triangles and colours are inspired by the existing Omniwomen logo, while the three peaks represent the multi-staged climb to success.

Above are the three existing Omniwomen logo devices, upon which the new lockup was based.

Inspirational quotes, designed as posters for display during the event. Quotes were also posted to social media to build "hype" for the event. In designing the triangular gradient, I drew inspiration from the colours in the Omniwomen logo.

Email sent out to the database of interested Omnicom employees, inviting them to attend the event.

Series of three posters designed for display across Omnicom agencies. Each poster focuses on one of the three themes for the evening.

Series of three teaser emails sent to those registered for the event.