Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Digital Design & Art Direction

Proximity London | Gettin' Jiggy With It

To celebrate Proximity's 25th anniversary, we decided to throw it back to 25 years ago for our summer party. To speak to the '90s theme, I played with bright colours, patterns and 90s iconograpgy.

Role: concept development, design, illustration

Agency: Proximity London

Poster with hand-lettered type.

Six teaser posters were hung around the office during the build up to the party.

The colours, patterns and zoomed in images of '90s iconography hint at the theme without completely giving it away.

To build even more hype around the party, we made 200 nineties-style paper fortune tellers and left one on each employee's desk.

The event details were on the reverse side of the fortune teller.

The "fortunes" inside were sources of inspiration for their fancy dress outfits.


We even created a custom Snapchat filter for guests to use that was geotagged to our event venue.