Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Digital Design & Art Direction

One Hit Wonders

Here are some illustrations and posters that I've created for various occasions. 

Role: concept development, design, illustration

Agency: Various


Logo and icon design for my blog about sustainable fashion, called in a melo mood.



Hero imagery designed for Camden's Music Walk of Fame.



A poster that I designed & used at the Women's March on London, using hand-drawn type.



A poster designed to promote internships at Proximity London.


Typographic illustration, telling a story about a time that I was brave.



Like many people, I was extremely saddened by the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and other parts of the world. Determined to do something to help, I designed these tee shirts to sell to my family, friends, and coworkers at Centro. 

Through the sales of these shirts, I was able to raise nearly $600, all of which was donated to Direct Relief's efforts for Ebola aid.

Since Ebola destroys the body's ability to form blood clots, this illustration was inspired by microscopic photographs of a blood clot.



Gig poster designed for The Menzingers' late night show at Chop Shop in Chicago's Wicker Park.



Omniwomen is an Omnicom network-wide organisation to promote gender equality. As a committee member, I designed these posters for a Speed Networking event.