Melodie Hoke
Melodie Hoke | Digital Design & Art Direction

Gloss + Glow | Brand Identity

Gloss + Glow is a boutique agency that provides PR and content creation services for beauty and lifestyle brands. I designed the brand identity, content and website for the brand's launch. Check out the website here.

Role: concept development, design, illustration

The brand had to feel premium, yet approachable. We also wanted it to speak to the nature of the beauty industry, but without feeling cutesy or delicate. I developed the "Double G" monogrammed lockup in a thick, round font, because it feels powerful and also friendly.


The Brand colours are peach, cream and navy, where peach represents "gloss" and navy represents "glow." Cream was chosen over white to bring warmth to everything.



Here are a few explorations that were part of the logo development process:

And a few of my sketches as well:



These floral lockups were created as content for the G+G website and social media channels. We wanted to create content that was a fresh and eye-catching way to introduce the brand to the public. However, we decided not to pursue this route as it didn't have enough of the playfulness that the client desired.



We evolved the look and feel, with a view to give the brand a quirky edge, making it stand out in the industry. I developed these illustrations as a response to this:

The Gloss + Glow website may have been built with Squarespace, but its design has been customised extensively. Click here to have a look.